Jan 2018: Gaikwad Steroidomics Laboratory is approved as US government contractor.

Oct 2018: Dr. Gaikwad’s First Authored Research article published in “Nature Ecology & Evolution

(This article is in the 99th percentile (ranked 156th) of the 326,175 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals and the 98th percentile (ranked 1st) of the 77 tracked articles of a similar age in Nature Ecology & Evolution)

Oct 2018: BBC News Article about Dr. Gaikwad’s work: “Chocolate: Origins of delicacy pushed back in time

Nov 2018: Nature Article about Dr. Gaikwad’s work: “Humans indulged a taste for chocolate a millenium earlier than realized

Oct 2018: Science Article about Dr. Gaikwad’s work: “Worlds oldest chocolate was made 5300 years ago -in a South American rain forest

Oct 2018: The Guardian Article about Dr. Gaikwad’s work: “Worlds Origin of chocolate shifts 1400 miles and 1500 years” Origin of chocolate shifts 1,400 miles and 1,500 years

Nov 2018: Scientific American Article about Dr. Gaikwad’s work: “Chocolate Treats Have Been a Part of Our History for at Least 5000 Years

May 2019: Dr. Gaikwad was invited to conduct workshop on Metabolomics, presented 16 lectures and advanced practical to packed audience, in which he conducted metabolomics experiments at GSL live from the workshop site.

May 2019: Research article “Comparative effect of black, green, oolong, and white tea intake on weight gain and bile acid metabolism” proposed that tea components alter gut microbiota and there by induce health effects.

Mar 2020: Outstanding Reviewer “Dr. Nilesh Gaikwad was judged as a OUTSTANDING Reviewer by RSC Advances

Dec 2020: Research article “Bileome: The Bile Acid Metabolome of Rat” Is the first paper on “Bileome” and “Bileomics”.

April 2021: Research article “Finasteride reduces opioid self-administration in animal models”

June 2021: Book “Paso de la Amada: An Early Mesoamerican Ceremonial Center

August 2021: Research Article Evidence for Late Precolumbian Datura-Making in the Central Arkansas River Valley

April 2022: Research article “Ritual Drinks from the Ancient Maya City of Pacbitun

August 2022: Research article “Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP) Can Inhibit Intracrine Androgen Synthesis in Prostate Cancer Cells

June 2023: Research article “Prefrontal allopregnanolone synergizes with D1 receptor activation to disrupt sensorimotor gating