Methods for Comprehensive Profiling of Steroid Metabolome
Nilesh W. Gaikwad , Patent, WO2015161078 A1, 2015

State of the Art Advance Instrumentation at GSL

Mass Spectrometers: 

Time-of-Flight (Q-ToF)

Triple quadrupole (TQ)

      Triple quadrupole (TQ)  (New)

Triple quadrupole (TQD)  (New)

UPLC / LC Systems:

Waters® ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class System

      Waters® nano-ACQUITY UPLC® System (New)

Thermo Dionex Ultimate 3000 RS UHPLC System

Waters Alliance 2795 System

Various Waters HPLC Systems

Sample Storage Facility: We have excellent sample storage facility that includes several ultra-low freezers for safe storage of samples.

Sample Processing:  We have advanced sample processing facility to analyze any biospecimen of any size.